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Foreclosure Prevention Overview
Use this link to access up-to-date information on national financial stability programs and plans, including news releases and related congressional testimony.

National Governor's Association (NGA) Center for Best Practices
Use this link to access publications on state-by-state actions, programs, policies, and activities to address foreclosure issues including, outreach, mitigation, process and loan modification, and help for renters.
This Web site offers resources intended to help states and localities respond to the foreclosure crisis. This site is maintained by the Center for Housing Policy, KnowledgePlex, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), and the Urban Institute.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Spring/Summer 2008 MarketWise
"Riding the Foreclosure Wave: Resources & Analysis to Help Anchor Communities" provides information and data analysis related to foreclosure conditions in the Federal Reserve Bank's Fifth District.

Foreclosure Prevention: Improving Contact with Borrowers (PDF)
This OCC Insights report highlights best practices loan servicers are using to improve their contact rate with delinquent mortgage borrowers. These best practices include, but are not limited to, the use of sophisticated scoring models, customer friendly approaches, partnerships with nonprofit credit counselors, and web-based information on workout options.

Homeownership: Preserving the American Dream
This OCC Community Developments Newsletter focuses on a number of ways banks can help to reduce foreclosure through partnering with nonprofits and successfully implementing early intervention strategies with troubled borrowers.

OCC 2007-14 Working with Mortgage Borrowers, Interagency Statement

OCC 2007-38 Working with Borrowers, Statement on Residential Real Estate Loan Restructuring for Serviced Loans