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1998 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/29/1998  OTS 98-99, Joint Release - Interim Regulatory Reporting and Capital Guidance on FAS133, "Accounting for Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities"
12/16/1998  OTS 98-97, OTS Grants Missouri Insurer a Federal Thrift Charter
12/15/1998  OTS 98-96, OTS Restructures Key Functions of Supervision and Compliance
12/11/1998  OTS 98-95, OTS Joins Rural Home Loan Group to Help Expand Credit Availability
12/10/1998  OTS 98-94, OTS Releases October Enforcement Statistics
12/09/1998  OTS 98-93, OTS Releases September Enforcement Statistics
12/02/1998  OTS 98-92, OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 1st Quarter 1999
12/02/1998  OTS 98-91, OTS Thrift Industry Earns Record $2.23 Billion in Third Quarter
12/01/1998  OTS 98-90, OTS Finalizes Derivatives Rule, Risk Management Guidance
11/30/1998  OTS 98-89, OTS Updates Electronic Operations Rule to Help Thrifts Better Compete
11/30/1998  OTS 98-88, OTS Adopts More Equitable Assessments on Regulated Thrifts
11/30/1998  OTS 98-87, News Advisory
11/24/1998  OTS 98-86, Allowance for Loan Losses
11/24/1998  OTS 98-85, OTS Will Make No Changes to 1999 Thrift Report Form
11/18/1998  OTS 98-84, OTS Director Proposes 4 Principles for Responsible Risk-Based Pricing
11/12/1998  OTS 98-83, OTS Grants State Farm Federal Thrift Charter
11/09/1998  OTS 98-82, OTS Approves Jackson National's Acquisition of California Thrift
11/04/1998  OTS 98-80, OTS to Use New Exam Procedures to Detect Fair Lending Violations
11/03/1998  OTS 98-79, OTS Urges Thrifts to Work with Customers on Privacy
10/16/1998  OTS 98-78, OTS Releases August Enforcement Statistics
10/08/1998  OTS 98-77, OTS Puts New West in Receivership
10/02/1998  OTS 98-75, Former Texas Banker Consents to $1.25 Million Restitution and Prohibition
09/30/1998  OTS 98-74, OTS Names Chief Information Officer: Sets Up Office of Information Services
09/24/1998  OTS 98-73, Revised Director, Senior Officer Notification Rule Adopted by OTS
09/18/1998  OTS 98-72, New Rule On Letters of Credit, Surety and Guarantee Proposed by OTS
09/15/1998  OTS 98-71, Washington Mutual Approved to Acquire Home Savings; OTS Grants Three New Charters
09/08/1998  OTS 98-70, Third OTS Outreach Conference Focuses on Rural Development Conference
09/02/1998  OTS 98-68, Thrift Industry Earns Record $2.10 Billion in Second Quarter
09/01/1998  OTS 98-67, OTS Amends Capital Treatment of Unrealized Gains on Securities
08/31/1998  OTS 98-66, OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 4th Quarter 1998
08/28/1998  OTS 98-65, News Advisory - Second Quarter News Conference
08/27/1998  OTS 98-64, One Member One Vote Rule Adopted by OTS
08/27/1998  OTS 98-63, OTS Warns Thrifts High LTV Lending can be Very Risky
08/20/1998  OTS 98-62, OTS Releases July Enforcement Statistics
08/13/1998  OTS 98-61, OTS Proposes More Equitable Assessments on Regulated Thrifts
08/13/1998  OTS 98-60, OTS West Region Approves CalFed Acquisition of Glendale Federal
08/12/1998  OTS 98-59, Final Rule Prohibits Reverse Repos with Thrifts' Non-Bank Affiliates
08/12/1998  OTS 98-58, OTS Seeks Comment on Modified Electronic Operations Proposal
08/11/1998  OTS 98-57, New Rules Proposed for Employment with More Than One Thrift or Bank
08/07/1998  OTS 98-56, Higher Cap Approved on Thrifts' Servicing Assets Included in Capital
08/05/1998  OTS 98-55, OTS Releases June Enforcement Statistics
08/05/1998  OTS 98-54, OTS Releases May Enforcement Statistics
07/29/1998  OTS 98-52, Conference to Explore Approaches to Expand Lending on Tribal Lands
07/22/1998  OTS 98-51, Allstate, Aid Association for Lutherans Approved by OTS for Thrift Chapters
07/16/1998  OTS 98-50, OTS Simplifies Rule on ARMs Disclosure
06/30/1998  OTS 98-48, OTS Offers 'Special Purpose Credit Programs' Guidance
06/25/1998  OTS 98-47, H.R. 10's Ban on New Thrift Holding
06/03/1998  OTS 98-45, Nation's Thrift Industry Earns $1.9 Billion in First Quarter 1998
06/01/1998  OTS 98-44, Darina McKelvie Named Head of External Affairs at OTS
05/29/1998  OTS 98-43, OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 3rd Quarter 1998
05/29/1998  OTS 98-42, News Advisory/OTS Will Report 1st Quarter 1998 Financial Data on 6/03/98
05/22/1998  OTS 98-41, OTS Approves Thrift Charter for Hillendbrand Industries
05/19/1998  OTS 98-40, OTS Releases April Enforcement Statistics
05/14/1998  OTS 98-39, Nationwide Insurance Granted Federal Thrift Charter by OTS
05/12/1998  OTS 98-38, Richard Riccobono Named Deputy Director for OTS
05/05/1998  OTS 98-36, Correction to OTS March Enforcement Statistics
04/29/1998  OTS 98-35, OTS Levies Administrative CMPS Against Two Thrift Institutions
04/27/1998  OTS 98-34, OTS Releases March Enforcement Statistics
04/24/1998  OTS 98-33, OTS to Hold Conference at Citibank on Financial Urban Home Ownership
04/22/1998  OTS 98-32, OTS Announces New Risk Management Guidance
04/22/1998  OTS 98-31, Teachers Insurance, A.G. Edwards Approved by OTS for Thrift Charters
04/20/1998  OTS 98-30, Advisory - OTS Will Conduct Briefing for News Media on a Proposed Bulletin and Regulations That Would Provide Guidance to Improve Risk Management Practices at Savings Associations
04/15/1998  OTS 98-29, OTS Director Seidman Issued Statement Concerning Death of William B. Fitzgerald, Sr.
04/14/1998  OTS 98-28, OTS Proposes Vote Change for Federal Mutual Thrifts
04/13/1998  OTS 98-27, Proposed Regulation Would Bar Reverse Repos with Thrifts' Non-Banking Affiliates
04/02/1998  OTS 98-25, Agencies Adopt Less Frequent Exams for Small, Healthy Banks and Thrifts
04/01/1998  OTS 98-24, OTS Announces Plans to Hire 10 Regulatory Fellows
03/26/1998  OTS 98-23, OTS Releases February Enforcement Statistics
03/26/1998  OTS 98-22, Revised Director, Senior Officer Notification Rules Proposed by OTS
03/23/1998  OTS 98-21, ADM Receives OTS Approval to Convert Bank to Thrift
03/18/1998  OTS 98-20, OTS Director Seidman Says Thrifts, Agency on Track for Year 2000
03/12/1998  OTS 98-19, OTS Releases January Enforcement Statistics
03/09/1998  OTS 98-18, OTS Adopts Regulation Authorizing Three-Tier Mutual Holding Company Structure
03/04/1998  OTS 98-17, Nation's Thrift Industry Posts Record Profits & Capital for 1997
03/02/1998  OTS 98-15, News Advisory
02/26/1998  OTS 98-14, OTS Releases December Enforcement Statistics
02/25/1998  OTS 98-13, OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 2nd Quarter 1998
02/13/1998  OTS 98-12, OTS Releases November Enforcement Statistics
02/12/1998  OTS 98-11, OTS Launches Y2K Newsletter; Part of Comprehensive Plan
02/06/1998  OTS 98-10, Excel Receives Approval to Establish New Thrift
02/05/1998  OTS 98-09, Testimony on the Examination Parity and Year 2000 Readiness for Financial Institutions Act Before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services United States House of Representatives
01/15/1998  OTS 98-07, Statement of Director Ellen Seidman, Office of Thrift Supervision, Regarding the Planned Resignation of Comptroller of the Currency Eugene Ludwig
01/13/1998  OTS 98-06, OTS Releases October Enforcement Statistics
01/08/1998  OTS 98-05, OTS Releases September Enforcement Statistics
01/08/1998  OTS 98-04, OTS Okays Reliastar's Acquisition of Thrift
01/08/1998  OTS 98-03, OTS Rewrites ARM Disclosure Rule
01/07/1998  OTS 98-01, OTS Plans to Cut Red Tape for Capital Distributions