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OTS Examination Handbook: Asset Quality

NumberIssue DateTitle
EH 20106/2005Overview: Lending Operations and Portfolio Risk Management
EH 201p04/2011Program
EH 201q106/2005Questionnaire: Lending Overview
EH 201q206/2005Questionnaire: Portfolio Diversification
EH 20801/1994Real Estate Appraisal
EH 208p04/2011Program
EH 208q01/1994Questionnaire
EH 208aa01/1994Appendix A: Appraisal Practices
EH 20911/2010Sampling
EH 209p04/2011Program
EH 209aa11/2010Appendix A: Sampling Terminology
EH 209ab11/2010Appendix B: Sampling Methods
EH 21001/2009Income Property Lending
EH 210p04/2011Program
EH 210aa01/2009Appendix A: Financial Analysis
EH 210ab01/2009Appendix B: Environmental Risk and Liability
EH 21112/2007Loans to One Borrower
EH 211p04/2011Program
EH 21202/2011One- to Four-Family Residential Real Estate Lending
EH 212p02/2011Program
EH 212q02/2011Questionnaire
EH 212aa02/2011Appendix A: Q&As on Real Estate Lending Standards
EH 212ab02/2011Appendix B: Risks and Policy Issues Associated with Reverse Mortgage Loans
EH 212ac02/2011Appendix C: Interagency Guidance on High LTV Residential Real Estate Lending
EH 212ad02/2011Appendix D: Credit Risk Management Guidance for Home Equity Lending
EH 212ae02/2011Appendix E: Interagency Guidance on Nontraditional Mortgage
EH 21301/1994Construction Lending
EH 213p04/2011Program
EH 213q01/1994Questionnaire
EH 21410/2009Other Commercial Lending
EH 214p04/2011Program
EH 214q10/2009Questionnaire
EH 214aa10/2009Appendix A: Security Interests Under Article 9 of the UCC
EH 21501/1994Letters of Credit
EH 215p04/2011Program
EH 215q01/2004Questionnaire
EH 215aa01/1994Appendix A: Regulator Review
EH 21601/1994Floor Plan and Indirect Lending
EH 216p04/2011Program
EH 216q01/2004Questionnaire
EH 21701/2000Consumer Lending
EH 217p04/2011Program
EH 217q01/2000Questionnaire
EH 217aa01/2000Appendix A: Interagency Guidance on Subprime Lending
EH 217ab04/2011Appendix B: Subprime Lending - Examination Procedures
EH 21805/2006Credit Card Lending
EH 218p04/2011Program
EH 218q05/2006Questionnaire
EH 218aa05/2006Appendix A: Account Management and Loss Allowance Guidance
EH 218ab05/2006Appendix B: Accounting Treatment of Accrued Interest Receivable Related to Credit Card Securitizations
EH 21906/1999Leasing Activities
EH 219p04/2011Program
EH 219q06/1999Questionnaire
EH 22109/2003Asset-Backed Securitization
EH 221p04/2011Program
EH 221aa09/2003Appendix A: Interagency Guidance on Asset Securitization Activities
EH 221ab09/2003Appendix B: Capital Treatment For Recourse, Direct Credit Substitutes, and Residual Interests
EH 221ac09/2003Appendix C: Securitization Information Requests
EH 23006/1999Equity Investments
EH 230p04/2011Program
EH 230q06/1999Questionnaire
EH 24001/2002Troubled Debt Restructurings
EH 240p04/2011Program
EH 25007/2002Other Assets/Liabilities
EH 250p04/2011Program
EH 25112/2010Real Estate Owned and Repossessed Assets
EH 251p04/2011Program
EH 251q12/2010Questionnaire
EH 25204/1999Fixed Assets
EH 252p04/2011Program
EH 252q04/1999Questionnaire
EH 26007/2010Classification of Assets
EH 260p04/2011Program
EH 260aa07/2010Appendix A: Express Determination Letter
EH 26101/1994Adequacy of Valuation Allowances
EH 261p04/2011Program
EH 261q01/1994Questionnaire
EH 261aa01/1994Appendix A: Interagency Policy Statement on ALLL
EH 261ab01/1994Appendix B: Migration Analysis
EH 27006/2002Qualified Thrift Lender Test
EH 270p04/2011Program
EH 270aa06/2002Appendix A: Internal Revenue Code Definition of "Domestic Building and Loan Association"
EH 270ab06/2002Appendix B: Internal Revenue Service's Regulatory Definition of "Domestic Building and Loan Association"
EH 270ac01/2007Appendix C: QTL Worksheet and Instructions
EH 270w06/2002QTL Worksheet and Instructions
EH 28003/1999Margin Securities (Regulation U)
EH 280p04/2011Program
EH 280aa03/1999Appendix A: FRB - Q&A About Nonbank Lenders Under Regulation U
EH 280ab03/1999Appendix B: Registration Statement
EH 280ac03/1999Appendix C: Deregistration Statement
EH 280ad03/1999Appendix D: Statement of Purpose
EH 280ae03/1999Appendix E: Annual Report