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OTS Examination Handbook: Consumer Affairs Laws and Regulations

NumberIssue DateTitle
EH 130012/2010Fair Credit Reporting Act, Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act, and Telephone Consumer Protection Act
EH 1300p04/2011Program
EH 1300aa12/2010Appendix A: FCRA Statutory and Regulatory Matrix
EH 130505/2011Truth in Lending Act
EH 1305p04/2011Program
EH 1305aa05/2011Appendix A: High Cost Mortgage Worksheet
EH 131012/1999Restitution
EH 1310p04/2011Program
EH 1310aa12/1999Appendix A: Restitution Background
EH 1310ab12/1999Appendix B: Q&As Regarding Joint Interagency Statement of Policy For Administrative Enforcement of the Truth in Lending Act - Reimbursement Issued by the FFIEC on July 11, 1980 and Revised October 1998
EH 131512/1999OTS Mortgage Regulations
EH 1315p04/2011Program
EH 132012/2009Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
EH 1320p04/2011Program
EH 1320q12/2009Questionnaire
EH 132301/2004Homeowners Protection Act
EH 1323p04/2011Program
EH 1323aa01/2004Appendix A: Guidance Regarding Timing and Required Contents of Disclosures and Notice
EH 132504/2009Consumer Leasing Act
EH 1325p04/2011Program
EH 1325q04/2009Questionnaire
EH 133012/2010Electronic Fund Transfer Act
EH 1330p04/2011Program
EH 1330q12/2010Questionnaire
EH 133512/1999Expedited Funds Availability Act
EH 1335p04/2011Program
EH 133602/2005Check 21
EH 1336p04/2011Program
EH 134012/1999Flood Disaster Protection Act
EH 1340p04/2011Program
EH 1340aa12/1999Appendix A: Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Flood Insurance
EH 134512/1999Right to Financial Privacy Act
EH 1345p04/2011Program
EH 135012/1999Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
EH 1350p04/2011Program
EH 135405/2010Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices, Federal Trade Commission Act, Section 5
EH 1354p03/2011Program
EH 1354q05/2010Questionnaire
EH 135505/2010Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices – Credit Practices Rule
EH 1355p04/2011Program
EH 135610/2008Military Service Member Protections
EH 1356p04/2011Program
EH 1356q10/2008Questionnaire
EH 135706/2009Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003
EH 1357p04/2011Program
EH 1357q06/2009Questionnaire
EH 136001/2004Homeownership Counseling Procedures
EH 1360p04/2011Program
EH 1360q01/2004Questionnaire
EH 136509/2010Truth in Savings
EH 1365p04/2011Program
EH 1365q09/2010Questionnaire
EH 137003/2002Electronic Banking
EH 1370p04/2011Program
EH 1370q03/2002Questionnaire
EH 1370aa12/1999Appendix A: Interagency Guidance on Electronic Financial Services and Consumer Compliance
EH 1370ab12/1999Appendix B: Policy statement on Privacy and Accuracy of Personal Customer Information
EH 1370ac12/1999Appendix C: Interagency Pretext Phone Calling Memorandum
EH 1370ad03/2002Appendix D: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
EH 137506/2001Privacy of Consumer Financial Information
EH 1375p04/2011Program
EH 1375q06/2001Questionnaire
EH 1375aa06/2001Appendix A: Privacy Notice and Opt Out Decision Tree
EH 138003/2002Insurance Consumer Protection
EH 1380p04/2011Program