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Office of Thrift Supervision Document Archive

Title Issue Date
Aggregate IRR Exposure and CMR Reports  
Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2009 2009
Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2008 2008
Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2007 2007
Application Decision Letters  
Application Processing Handbook 08/2002
Asset and Liability Price Tables  
Audit Report - OTS Response to Material Loss Review for IndyMac Bank 02/25/2009
Business Continuity Planning: Bank and Thrift Agencies Issue Advisory on Influenza Pandemic Preparedness 03/15/2006
Business Continuity Planning: Benefits of Regional Coalitions for Disaster Recovery 09/16/2008
Business Continuity Planning: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina 06/13/2006
Fact Books  
Director's Orders 2011-2009  
Director's Orders 2008-2006  
Director's Orders 2005-2003  
Director's Orders 2002-2000  
Director's Orders 1999-1997  
Director's Orders 1996 and Older  
Enforcement Actions  
Financial Reports  
Holding Company Handbook 03/2009
Industry Letter 12/31/2010
Industry Letter 06/30/2010
Industry Performance Reports  
Interest Rate Projections for Capital Plans  
Interest Rate Risk Measures  
Performance Plans  
Quarterly Review of Interest Rate Risk  
Strategic Plan 2007-2012 08/2007
Strategic Plan 2003-2008 08/2003
Strategic Plan 2000-2005 08/2000
Thrift Financial Reports - Aggregated Data  
Thrift Financial Reports - Thrift Financial and Holding Company Bulk Data 11/15/2011
Thrift Financial Reports - Instructions and Questions and Answers  
Thrift Financial Reports - Report Forms and Bulletins  
Thrift Financial Reports - Schedules and their Public Availability  
Thrift Financial Reports - States and Territories  
Thrift Financial Reports - U.S. Totals  
Thrift Industry Charge-Off Rates  
U.S. Economic and Housing Conditions 08/2008