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Alphabetical Listing

Licensing Manual

The Comptroller’s Licensing Manual consists of a series of booklets that explain the OCC’s policies and procedures on key licensing topics.

Each booklet includes sample filing forms and sample agency response documents, if applicable. The OCC recommends reading the booklet before accessing the sample documents.

National Bank Booklets 

Title Bank / Filer Date
Background Investigations Samples 04/2009
Branch Closings Samples 04/2003
Branches and Relocations Samples 10/2009
Business Combinations Samples 12/2006
Capital and Dividends Samples 11/2007
Change in Bank Control Samples 01/2007
Changes of Corporate Title and Address Samples 10/2009
Changes in Directors and Senior Executive Officers Samples 10/2009
Charters Samples 02/2009
Comments to Other Agencies N/A 11/2006
Conversions Samples 04/2010
Director Waivers Samples 03/2008
Failure Acquisitions N/A 04/1998
Federal Branches and Agencies Samples 07/2015
Fiduciary Powers Samples 06/2002
General Policies and Procedures Samples 03/2008
Investment in Bank Premises Samples 12/2005
Investment in Subsidiaries and Equities Samples 07/2008
Management Interlocks Samples 10/2009
Public Notice and Comments N/A 03/2007
Subordinated Debt - Booklet under revision-please see new guidelines Samples 11/2003
Termination of National Bank Status Samples 04/1998

Companion Publications

Title Date
A Guide to the National Banking System 04/2008
A Guide to Tribal Ownership of a National Bank 09/2002
Becoming a National Bank 02/2011

Federal Savings Association Booklets 

On July 1, 2015, final rules integrating policies and procedures for corporate activities and transactions involving national banks and federal savings associations went into effect. As a result, the federal savings association handbooks have been rescinded and with the national bank booklets, are in the process of being updated. For information on the integrated rules, see the corresponding link. If you have any questions, contact the local Director for District Licensing.

Rescinded federal savings association application handbooks have been archived and are available here.

Number Title Comment
010 Application Filing Requirements 12 CFR 5.4
020 Publication Forms 12 CFR 5.8
050 Appeals Process 12 CFR 5.13(f)
100 Branching Activities 12 CFR 5.31 (Establishment, acquisition and relocation of a branch and establishment of agency office)
12 CFR 5.40 (Change in location of home office)
210 Conversion to a National or State Bank 12 CFR 5.24 (Conversion to a national bank)
12 CFR 5.25 (Conversion to a state bank or state savings association)
220 Combination with a National or State Bank 12 CFR 5.33
230 Merger with FDIC-insured Depository Institutions and Non-FDIC Insured Entities in which a Savings Institution Survives 12 CFR 5.33
240 Purchase or Sale of Assets and/or Transfer of Liabilities by a Savings Institution from FDIC-Insured and Non-FDIC Insured Depository Institutions 12 CFR 5.33
12 CFR 5.53
310 Change in Control 12 CFR 5.50
320 Rebuttal of Control 12 CFR 5.50
410 Charter and Bylaw Amendments 12 CFR 5.21 (Federal mutual savings association)
12 CFR 5.22 (Federal stock savings association)
420 Conversion of OTS Regulated Savings Institutions to a Federal Charter 12 CFR 5.23
430 Conversion of bank or Credit Union to a Federal Charter 12 CFR 5.23
440 Permission to Organize a Federal Savings Institution 12 CFR 5.20
450 Conversion of Savings Institution from the Mutual Form of Organization to the Stock Form of Organization 12 CFR 192
460 Voluntary Dissolution 12 CFR 5.48
605 Subordinate Organizations 12 CFR 5.35 (Bank service companies)
12 CFR 5.38 (Operating subsidiaries)
12 CFR 5.58 (Pass-through investments)
12 CFR 5.59 (Service corporations)
610 Subordinated Debt and Mandatorily Redeemable Preferred Stock 12 CFR 5.56
620 Fiduciary Powers 12 CFR 5.26
625 Business Plan Guidelines See Link
635 Capital Distributions 12 CFR 5.55
640 Modifications of Conditions of Approval See General Policies and Procedures Booklet
645 Expansion of Business Activities 12 CFR 5.53
710 FDIC Resolution Procedures Contact the local Director for District Licensing
810 Management Interlocks 12 CFR 26
840 Regulatory Waivers Contact HQ Licensing

Federal Savings Association Forms 

Form Number Title Comment
1240 Application for Fiduciary Powers Replaced by Fiduciary Powers Application
1344 Subordinated Debt Securities Issuances - Application Replaced by Issuance of Sub Debt Application
1450 Application to Establish Branch Office, Change of Location of an Office, or Redesignation of Home and Branch Office Replaced by Branch and Relocation Application
1495 Interim Thrift Institution, Application to Establish and Merge Replaced by Interim Bank Charter Application
1502-E Charter, Federal Stock Association Replaced by Model Stock FSA Charter
1502-F Charter, Federal Mutual Association Replaced by Model Mutual FSA Charter
1518 Bylaws, Model for Stock Associations Replaced by Model Stock FSA Bylaws
1522 Mutual Holding Company Reorganization, MHC- 1 Filing Requirement No Longer with the OCC. See Federal
1523 Minority Stock Issuance by a Savings Association Subsidiary of a Mutual Holding Company, MHC-2 Filing Requirement No Longer with the OCC. See Federal
1558 Establish or Change of Location of an Office - Notice Replaced by Branch and Relocation Application
1560 Higher Lending Limitations Outdated
1561 Subordinated Debt or Mandatory Redeemable Preferred Stock Issuances - Notice Replaced by Issuance of Subordinated Debt Notice
1562 Service Corporation Activity Securities Brokerage Replaced by Service Corporation Application
1563 Charter and Bylaw Amendments Replaced by FSA Charter Bylaw Amendments Notice
1564 Prescribed Services or Activities for S&L Holding Companies, Notice to Commence Activities Filing Requirement No Longer with the OCC.
1566 Preapproved Service Corporation Activity Replaced by Service Corporation Application
1577 Bylaws, Model for Mutual Savings Associations Replaced by Model Mutual FSA Bylaws
1579 Establish an Operating Subsidiary Replaced by Operating Subsidiary Application
1582 Conversion of a Depository Institution to a Federal Stock or Mutual Savings Association Replaced by Conversion Application
1583 Capital Distribution Update Pending
1584 Notice filing pursuant to 12 CFR Section 563.22(c) for Institutions that Qualify for Expedited Treatment Replaced by Change in Assets Application
1585 Conversions to or Combinations with a Bank Depending on the activity, replaced by Notice of Intent of Conversion Out; Conversion Application; or Notice of Intent to Merger or Consolidation Out
1589 Transfer Application Replaced by Change in Assets Application
1606 Applicant Certification Outdated
AC Application for Conversion No Change
H-(e) Holding Company Applications/Information Filing Filing Requirement No Longer with the OCC. See Federal