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Understanding Employer-Assisted Mortgage Programs: A Primer for National Banks (PDF) (August 2007)
Examines the primary risks and regulatory considerations associated with employer assisted mortgages and illustrates how lenders can implement their own successful employer-assisted programs.

Foreclosure Prevention: Improving Contact with Borrowers (PDF) (June 2007)
Highlights best practices used by loan servicers to improve their contact rate with delinquent mortgage borrowers.

Reaching Minority Markets: Community Bank Strategies (PDF) (November 2006)
Examines selected strategies community banks use to target specific minority markets.

Payroll Cards: An Innovative Product for Reaching the Unbanked and Underbanked (PDF) (June 2005)
Examines the growth of payroll cards and their potential for use by national banks to attract unbanked households into the financial mainstream.

Individual Development Accounts: An Asset Building Product for Lower-Income Consumers (PDF) (February 2005)
Examines how banks use these accounts to encourage lower-income individuals to save money and build assets to meet financial goals.

Remittances: A Gateway to Banking for Unbanked Immigrants (PDF) (September 2004)
Describes how banks can use these products to attract unbanked immigrants into the banking system, addresses key risks and regulatory issues, and cultural barriers