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Ensuring a Safe and Sound Federal Banking System for All Americans

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Find Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), enforcement, and institution data for OCC-regulated banks, federal savings associations, and federal banks and agencies.


  • Supervision & Examination

    The OCC examines the condition of the banks it supervises and their compliance with laws and regulations.

  • Charters & Licensing

    The OCC's chartering and licensing activities ensure that the corporate structures of banks are safe and sound.

  • Economics

    The OCC's economists support the OCC mission through economic thought leadership, analysis, and research to aid bank supervision and policy development.

  • Laws & Regulations

    The OCC issues rules and regulations and takes enforcement actions against banks that don't comply.

  • Consumers & Communities

    The OCC safeguards a diverse banking system that makes financial services accessible to underserved consumers and communities.

  • OCC Topics Index

    View a list of all OCC topics sorted alphabetically and by subject area.