Capital Markets

Asset Management

The OCC defines asset management as the business of providing financial products or services to a third party for a fee or commission. The supervision of asset management activities is an important component of the OCC's safety and soundness supervisory framework.

Balance Sheet Management

Balance Sheet Management includes investment securities, BOLl, liquidity risk, and interest rate risk for national banks and federal savings associations, as well as assessing interest rate risk and liquidity risk for the federal banking system as a whole.

Financial Markets

Financial markets encompass a range of market, product, and price risks for which policies and procedures are developed to help identify, monitor, measure, and control the risks. The Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) legislated numerous product, market, and infrastructure changes in financial markets. For one, the DFA drives new and revised regulation of derivatives markets. Also, the Volcker Rule implements DFA restrictions on proprietary trading and investment in covered funds.

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