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Beverly F. Cole

Senior Deputy Comptroller for Midsize and Community Bank Supervision

Beverly F. Cole

Beverly Cole is the Senior Deputy Comptroller for Midsize and Community Bank Supervision at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

In this role, Ms. Cole is responsible for supervising nearly 1,000 national banks and federal savings associations, as well as nearly 1,300 OCC employees. She serves as a member of the OCC's Executive Committee and the Committee on Bank Supervision. She assumed this role in July 2022.

Prior to this position, Ms. Cole served as the Deputy Comptroller for the Northeastern District, responsible for the oversight of more than 200 community banks and federal savings associations, 15 independent data service providers, and 6 independent national trust companies. She managed a staff of more than 350 bank examiners and other professional and support personnel located in the Northeastern District Office in New York City and in field offices in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. She also served as the Designated Federal Officer for the OCC’s Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee.

Ms. Cole started her OCC career in 1979 as an Assistant National Bank Examiner in Little Rock, Ark. In 1984, she left the OCC to work in the banking industry. She rejoined the agency in 1987 and was commissioned a National Bank Examiner in 1989 and was cross-credentialed as a Federal Thrift Regulator in 2015.

During her career at the OCC, Ms. Cole served in a variety of supervision roles overseeing banks of all sizes, including Deputy Comptroller for Compliance Supervision, Senior Advisor to the Senior Deputy Comptroller for Midsize and Community Bank Supervision, Credit Specialist in the former Southeastern District, Credit Team Lead, and Assistant Deputy Comptroller for Specialties and Operations in the Northeastern District Office.

A native of Mississippi, Ms. Cole received her bachelor of arts degree in economics with an emphasis in business administration from Tougaloo College.