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Paul Fisher

Financial Economist

Compliance Risk Analysis Division

Paul J. Fisher is a Financial Economist who focuses on urban economics in the Compliance Risk Analysis Division within Supervision Risk & Analysis at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). He obtained his PHD from the University of Arizona and joined the OCC in 2022. Dr. Fisher’s research focuses on housing economics including housing supply, real estate finance, fair lending, and related topics in economics. He continues to study residential real estate and the role of the financial sector in housing markets.

  1. Fisher, Paul and Justin Gallagher (2020), “Criminal Deterrence When There are Offsetting Risks: Traffic Cameras, Vehicular Accidents, and Public Safety,” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 12, 3.

  1. The Effect of Rent Control on Multifamily Housing Prices and the Implications for Rental Supply
  2. The Role of Property Tax in California’s Housing Crisis