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OCC Bulletin 2017-54 | November 15, 2017

Branches and Relocations: Revised Comptroller’s Licensing Manual Booklet


Chief Executive Officers of All National Banks and Federal Savings Associations; Department and Division Heads; All Examining Personnel; and Other Interested Parties


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued today the "Branches and Relocations" booklet of the Comptroller's Licensing Manual, which replaces the booklet of the same title issued in October 2009. The revised booklet incorporates branching and relocation procedures and requirements updated following the integration of the functions of the Office of Thrift Supervision into the OCC in 2011 and the issuance of revised regulations (12 CFR 5) that became effective July 1, 2015, addressing branching and relocations for both national banks and federal savings associations (FSA).

Note for Community Banks

This booklet applies to all national banks and FSAs.


The revised "Branches and Relocations" booklet

  • contains sections on key policies and criteria of general applicability.
  • outlines requirements specific to national banks and requirements specific to FSAs.

Further Information

Please contact Karen Marcotte, Manager for Licensing Activities, at (202) 649-6260.


Stephen A. Lybarger
Deputy Comptroller for Licensing

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