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Office of Thrift Supervision CEO Memos

Rescinded CEO Memos >

Number Issue Date Title
CEO Memo 390 07/07/2011 Notice of Termination of Monthly Median Cost of Funds Reporting and Publication of Cost of Funds Indices Effective January 31, 2012
CEO Memo 321 09/24/2009 "No Interest, No Payment" Credit Card Programs 
CEO Memo 320 09/03/2009 Accounting Considerations Related to Other-Than-Temporary Impairment of Securities 
CEO Memo 276 08/26/2008 Home Equity Line of Credit Account Management Guidance 
CEO Memo 268 03/04/2008 Strategic Plan and Wholesale/Limited Purpose Designations Under the CRA 
CEO Memo 258 07/27/2007 Notification Requirements for Certain Activities 
CEO Memo 197 05/11/2004 Preparation of the Appraisal of an Institution Contemplating Mutual to Stock Conversion or an MHC Stock Issuance by the Same Company that Prepares the Institution's Business Plan 
CEO Memo 131 11/27/2000 Title Loan Programs
CEO Memo 109 06/10/1999 Transactional Web Sites 
CEO Memo 102 03/04/1999 Community Development Investment Authority Handbook
CEO Memo 94 08/21/1998 Nominee Depositor Accounts and Subscription Rights
CEO Memo 52 01/29/1996 Federal Savings Association Authorities
CEO Memo 41 05/31/1995 Guidance on Permissible Real Estate Investments Under Section 5(c)(3)(B) of the Home Owners' Loan Act
CEO Memo 3 06/01/1992 Joint Examination Agreement