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Community Developments Investments (May 2018)

Profitable Partnerships: Collaborating With Minority Depository Institutions

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Collection: Community Developments Investments

  • Deputy Comptroller
  • Barry Wides
  • Editorial Staff
  • David Black
  • Janet Fix
  • Emily Gold
  • Janet Fix
  • Hershel Lipow
  • Design Staff
  • Vincent Harris
  • Richard Shacklette
On the Cover

This newsletter’s cover honors this rich heritage with images of (clockwise from top right): Façade of a bank in San Francisco (Alamy); Elouise Cobell, a Native American woman who spearheaded the capital campaign to fund Blackfeet National Bank, predecessor to today’s Native American Bank, N.A. (AP Images); St. Luke Penny Savings Bank employees (National Park Service); Romana Acosta Bañuelos, Latina co-founder of Pan American Bank in East Los Angeles, Calif. and U.S. Treasurer (1971-1974), pictured with James A. Conlon, Director, Bureau of Engraving and Printing (1967-1977) (Bureau of the Public Debt); Freedman’s Savings and Trust Co. passbook (U.S. Department of the Treasury); Maggie L. Walker, the first African American woman to charter a U.S. bank and founder of St. Luke Penny Savings Bank (National Park Service); Frederick Douglas, the first president of Freedman’s Bank, the first black-owned bank (Shutterstock).

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