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Large Bank Supervision

Greg Coleman Biography Image
Greg Coleman
Senior Deputy Comptroller for Large Bank Supervision

Large Bank Supervision oversees the supervision of the largest and most complex national banking companies and federal savings associations (FSA), as well as federal branches and agencies of foreign banks.

Large banks supervised by the OCC generally have assets between $50 billion and $3 trillion. These banks present unique supervisory challenges based on size, complexity, and product line. Large Bank Supervision examination teams' full-time, on-site presence helps examiners develop a close understanding of the banks' risk taking and risk management; identify the most significant risks; and determine the adequacy of bank systems and controls to measure, monitor, and manage these risks.


Large Bank Examiners-in-Charge

Large Bank Supervision maintains a continuous, on-site presence at the largest national banks, federal savings associations, and federal branches and agencies under OCC supervision. View the Examiner-in–Charge list.


The International Banking Supervision (IBS) Division conducts the OCC's federal branches and agencies supervision program and coordinates its international work in line with the agency's primary bank supervisory goals.