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Comptroller's Handbook Booklets issued prior to the OTS Integration date that now apply to FSAs

OCC # Guidance Title Reason Applicable
CH A-ALLL Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses By OCC 2012-15
CH AM-AM Asset Management By OCC 2012-02
CH AM-CInt Conflicts of Interest By OCC 2012-02
CH AM-CS Custody Services By OCC 2012-15
CH AM-IMS Investment Management Services By OCC 2012-15
CH AM-OC Asset Management Operations and Controls By OCC 2012-02
CH A-RCR Rating Credit Risk By OCC 2012-15
CH CCE- CMS Compliance Management System By OCC 2012-15
CH CCE-DEP Depository Services By OCC 2013-34
CH CCE-FDPA Flood Disaster Protection Act By OCC 2013-34
CH CCE-FL Fair Lending By OCC 2013-34
CH CCE-HC Home Ownership Counseling Examination Procedures By OCC 2013-34
CH CCE-HMDA Home Mortgage Disclosure By OCC 2013-34
CH CCE-Oth Other Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations By OCC 2013-34
CH CE-PFTA Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009 By OCC 2013-34
CH CCE-Respa Real Estate Settlement Procedures By OCC 2013-34
CH CCE-SCRA Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003 By OCC 2013-34
CH CCE-TIL Truth in Lending Act By OCC 2013-34
CH EP-CBS Community Bank Supervision By OCC 2012-15
CH EP-LBS Large Bank Supervision By OCC 2012-15
CH EP-Sup Bank Supervision Process By OCC 2012-15
CH L-IRR Interest Rate Risk By OCC 2012-05
CH O-Der Risk Management of Financial Derivatives By OCC 2012-05
Sections 202 & 809 Due from Banks (Regulation D Only) By OCC 2013-34