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Community Banks

More than 80 percent of the institutions supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) are community banks and federal savings associations. 

These institutions play a crucial role in providing consumers and small businesses with essential financial services and a source of credit that is critical to economic growth and job expansion.  The OCC recognizes the important role community banks and federal savings associations play, and we are committed to fostering a regulatory climate that allows well-managed community banks to grow and thrive while ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


  • BankNet - Log on to this secure Website exclusively for employees of national banks and federal savings associations for email, financial services industry news, tools and reports, a calendar of upcoming events, and more.
  • Community Bank Director Workshops - Register for effective workshops that focus on roles and responsibilities for directors of national community banks and federal savings associations.
  • Collaborative Arrangements for Community Banks
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About the Federal Banking System

About OCC Supervision


Periodic Reports

Advisory Committees

  • The Mutual Savings Association Advisory Committee (MSAAC) helps the OCC assess the state of mutual savings associations and advises the OCC on ways to help ensure their continued health and viability.
  • The Minority Depository Institution Advisory Committee (MDIAC) helps the OCC assess the state of minority-owned depository institutions, advises on their supervisions, and shares ways to help ensure minority institutions remain a vibrant part of the federal banking system.

For Public Comment

  • See proposed rules, guidance, and other matters that are open for public comment on the Federal Register.

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