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Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement (HOLA)

The Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement (HOLA) is an employee resource group at the OCC. Since 2002, HOLA has strived to support the advancement and career-development of members by:

  • Promoting the principles of leadership and employee self-development,
  • Creating mentoring opportunities and networking activities,
  • Highlighting educational and developmental opportunities.

The HOLA Advisor Cadre, made up of members with experience across the OCC, helps members by serving as mentors, providing career advice, and acting as a general resource to our members.

HOLA-Sponsored Activities – Celebración de Nuestra Cultura

Throughout the year HOLA sponsors a variety of activities for employees that celebrate Hispanic culture and contributions of Hispanics to the agency and society. Activities include commemorating the national Hispanic Heritage Month with events such as an annual Cafecito con HOLA featuring music, food, and other cultural highlights; hosting speakers who discuss Hispanic issues in business and banking; and conducting brown bag lunches to raise awareness of issues relevant to Hispanic employees.

To learn more about HOLA and the vital role it plays at the OCC, please contact us at