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2000 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/21/2000  OTS 00-109, Agencies Adopt Rule on Disclosure
12/20/2000  OTS 00-108, OTS Grants Federal Thrift Charter to Ohio Farmers Insurance Company
12/07/2000  OTS 00-106, OTS Extends Comment Period to Feb. 9, 2001 on Proposed Holding Company Notice
12/06/2000  OTS 00-105, Agencies Propose Lower Risk Weighting For Bank Claims on Securities Firms
12/06/2000  OTS 00-104, Q3 2000 - Thrift Industry Earnings Strong; But OTS Notes Some Profit Erosion
12/04/2000  OTS 00-103, Agencies Adopt Consumer Protection Rules For Insurance
12/01/2000  OTS 00-102, Corrected News Advisory
12/01/2000  OTS 00-101, News Advisory
11/30/2000  OTS 00-100, OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 1st Quarter 2001
11/27/2000  OTS 00-99, Agencies Urge Banks and Thrifts to Evaluate Risks with Vendors In Practices Viewed as Abusive To Consumers
11/22/2000  OTS 00-98, OTS Sets Schedule for Implementing Changes to Thrift Financial Report
11/17/2000  OTS 00-97, OTS Grants Federal Thrift Charter to Independent Insurance Agents
11/03/2000  OTS 00-94, Agencies Consider a Simplified Capital Framework for Non-Complex Institutions
11/17/2000  OTS 00-93A, (Amended) - OTS Releases September Enforcement Statistics
10/31/2000  OTS 00-92, OTS Proposes Optional Bylaws That Don't Need Prior Approval
10/31/2000  OTS 00-91, OTS Proposes Changes to Rules to Streamline Applications Processing
10/31/2000  OTS 00-90, OTS Director Seidman Announces 2001 All-Industry Leadership Conference
10/25/2000  OTS 00-89, Notice of Certain Holding Company Actions Part of OTS Plan to Safeguard Thrift Subsidiaries
10/23/2000  OTS 00-88, OTS Tells Thrifts to Analyze Investment Securities Thoroughly
10/23/2000  OTS 00-87, OTS Releases August Enforcement Statistics
10/23/2000  OTS 00-86, Joint Release - Agencies Propose Consistent Consumer Protection Rules For Affiliate Information Sharing Practices
10/05/2000  OTS 00-84, OTS Extends Mutual Holding Company, Conversion Rules' Comment Period
10/05/2000  OTS 00-83, OTS Director Seidman offers strategy for successful Community Reinvestment
09/27/2000  OTS 00-82, Agencies Propose Revision of Capital Rules for the Treatment of Residual Interests
09/27/2000  OTS 00-81, Georgia Credit Union Approved to Convert to Federal Thrift
09/25/2000  OTS 00-80, OTS Approves Thrift's Plan to Offer Banking Services in 25 Safeway Stores
09/18/2000  OTS 00-79, OTS Director Seidman to Keynote 11th Annual Tokyo Banking Conference
09/18/2000  OTS 00-78, OTS to Employ 'Check-Up' to Help Boost Thrifts' Privacy Compliance
09/18/2000  OTS 00-77, Regional Broker DADCO Receives Thrift Charter for Trust Activities
09/12/2000  OTS 00-76, Q2 2000 - U.S. Thrift Industry Earns $2 Billion in Second Quarter
09/08/2000  OTS 00-75, OTS Approves Multi-Step Application, Including Unique Stock Acquisition
09/07/2000  OTS 00-74, News Advisory
09/01/2000  OTS 00-73, OTS To Give Thrifts Free HMDA Report Software
08/30/2000  OTS 00-72, OTS Releases June and July Enforcement Statistics
09/05/2000  OTS 00-71, OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 4th Quarter 2000
08/21/2000  OTS 00-70, Agencies Propose consumer Protection Rules for Insurance
08/15/2000  OTS 00-69, OTS Approves Triple-Step Transaction of Thrift and its Holding Company
08/14/2000  OTS 00-68, Northwestern Mutual Approved to Set Up a Federal Savings Bank
08/04/2000  OTS 00-67, OTS Proposes Changes To Thrift Call Report
07/27/2000  OTS 00-65, OTS Tests 'Mystery Shopping' To Help Check Thrifts' Fair Lending Compliance
07/21/2000  OTS 00-64, OTS Releases May Enforcement Statistics
07/14/2000  OTS 00-62, SEI Investments is Granted Federal Thrift Charter by OTS
07/11/2000  OTS 00-61, OTS Proposes Changes To Conversion, Mutual Holding Company Regulations
07/06/2000  OTS 00-60, Implement Maker Deere & Company Granted Thrift Charter By OTS
07/03/2000  OTS 00-59, Dutch Financial Giant, ING Groep, Receives OTS Approval for Thrift
06/23/2000  OTS 00-58, OTS Charters Chicago Thrift; Sixth Charter Action This Week
06/21/2000  OTS 00-57, OTS Approves Thrift Acquisition by IndyMac Mortgage Holdings
06/19/2000  OTS 00-56, OTS Grants Four Charters; Thrift Charter Continues to Attract
06/09/2000  OTS 00-54, OTS Approves Thrift Charter for American Express
06/07/2000  OTS 00-53, Q1 2000 - U.S. Thrift Industry Earns $2.23 Billion in First Quarter
06/05/2000  OTS 00-52, OTS Will Not Change Thrift Financial Report This Year
06/02/2000  OTS 00-51, News Advisory
05/26/2000  OTS 00-50, OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for 3rd Quarter 2000
05/25/2000  OTS 00-49, OTS Releases March and April Enforcement Statistics
05/24/2000  OTS 00-48, OTS Signs Information Sharing Pact with More States and DC
05/12/2000  OTS 00-47, Agencies Approve Final Regulations or Privacy of Consumer Financial Information
05/11/2000  OTS 00-46, Agencies Propose Rule on Disclosure and Reporting of CRA-Related Agreements
05/08/2000  OTS 00-44, OTS Grants Thrift Charter For Marsh & McLennan Internet Bank
04/26/2000  OTS 00-43, OTS Grants Thrift Charter to New Internet Bank
04/21/2000  OTS 00-42, General Motors Approved by OTS to Organize a Federal Thrift
04/19/2000  OTS 00-41, OTS, NAIC Reach Historic Agreement to Share Financial, Operational Data
04/17/2000  OTS 00-40, Responsible Sub-Prime Lending Part of Solution to Predatory Practices: Seidman Says
04/04/2000  OTS 00-38, OTS Begins Formal Inquiry Into Subprime Lending Practices
04/03/2000  OTS 00-37, OTS Approves Thrift Charter for Donegal Mutual Insurance
03/30/2000  OTS 00-36, OTS Briefing on Lending Practices
03/29/2000  OTS 00-35, OTS Approves De Novo Charter for Kansas City Life Insurance
03/28/2000  OTS 00-34, OTS Lifts Regulatory Burden for Thrifts Engaging in Repurchase Agreements
03/23/2000  OTS 00-33, OTS Releases February Enforcement Statistics
03/13/2000  OTS 00-31, Federated, Parent of Bloomingdale's and Macy's, Granted Thrift Charter
03/08/2000  OTS 00-30, Q1 1999 - U.S. Thrift Industry Earns Record $8.2 Billion in 1999
03/07/2000  OTS 00-29, Community Bank/Thrift Has Role In Future But Strategic Planning A Must: Seidman Says
03/03/2000  OTS 00-28, News Advisory
03/01/2000  OTS 00-27, OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule For 2nd Quarter 2000
03/01/2000  OTS 00-26, OTS Gives Sovereign Green Light To Acquire 289 Branches From Fleet
02/28/2000  OTS 00-25, Franklin Templeton to Convert Bank to Federal Thrift Charter
02/25/2000  OTS 00-24, OTS Releases January Enforcement Statistics
02/23/2000  OTS 00-22, 'Responsible Competition' is the Weapon to Fight Predatory Lenders; Seidman Says
02/23/2000  OTS 00-21, Joint Press Release - Privacy of Consumer Financial Information
02/17/2000  OTS 00-20, Agencies Propose Revision of Risk-Based Capital Rules' Treatment of Recourse and Direct-Credit Substitutes
02/17/2000  OTS 00-19, OTS Grants Charter to New York Life
02/16/2000  OTS 00-18, OTS Awards Software Contract to Enhance Existing Interest Rate Measurement Tool
02/16/2000  OTS 00-17, OTS Grants AXA Financial Thrift Charter For Trust
02/16/2000  OTS 00-16, Mutual Insurance Trade Group Awarded Thrift Charter by OTS
02/11/2000  OTS 00-15, OTS Grants Thrift Charter to New Internet Bank
02/10/2000  OTS 00-13, OTS Releases December Enforcement Statistics
02/09/2000  OTS 00-12, OTS Proposes Privacy Rule to Implement Financial Modernization Legislation
02/08/2000  OTS 00-11, Recent Bank Failures Teach Us Lessons, Says OTS's Seidman
01/31/2000  OTS 00-10, OTS Releases November Enforcement Statistics
01/24/2000  OTS 00-09, The Hartford Group Granted Federal Thrift Charter by OTS
01/24/2000  OTS 00-08, Illinois Agricultural Association Granted Federal Thrift Charter
01/19/2000  OTS 00-07, OTS Approved Southwest Securities' Purchase of Arlington, Texas, Thrift
01/14/2000  OTS 00-06, OTS Updates Compliance Activities Handbook
01/11/2000  OTS 00-05, OTS Approves E*Trade's Acquisition of Telebank
01/05/2000  OTS 00-03, OTS Says No Enforcement Actions Taken in October
01/05/2000  OTS 00-02, OTS Releases September Enforcement Statistics
01/01/2000  OTS 00-01, Joint Release - Insured Financial Institutions Operating Normally Following Century Date Change