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2001 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/20/2001  OTS 01-87, Gilleran Announces Revised Lending Rule To Enhance Thrift Flexibility
12/13/2001  OTS 01-86, Guidance on Financial Privacy
12/12/2001  OTS 01-85, Regulators Propose Common Form for Charter and Federal Deposit Insurance Application
12/10/2001  OTS 01-84, FDIC, OTS Announce Agreement with Holding Companies of Superior Bank
12/07/2001  OTS 01-83, James E. Gilleran Sworn in as OTS Director
12/06/2001  OTS 01-82, Q3 2001 Thrift Industry 3rd Quarter Earnings Set Record
11/29/2001  OTS 01-81, OTS Announces CRA Examination Schedule for First Quarter 2002
11/21/2001  OTS 01-80, OTS Releases October Enforcement Statistics
11/20/2001  OTS 01-78, OTS Issued One Enforcement Order In September
11/07/2001  OTS 01-77, Thrift Holding Companies May Engage in Activities Approved for Financial Holding Companies, Says OTS
11/05/2001  OTS 01-76, Seidman Recounts OTS Accomplishments In Farewell Address to Thrifts
11/02/2001  OTS 01-75, OTS Outlines Refinements to Mutual Examination Process
10/31/2001  OTS 01-74, OTS Proposes Revising Lending Rule To Enhance Thrift Flexibility, Clarifies Existing Lending Rule, Starts Pilot Program To Ease Disparities
10/25/2001  OTS 01-73, OTS Names Sonja White Director of Examination Policy
10/19/2001  OTS 01-72, OTS' Latest Quarterly Review of Interest Rate Risk Addresses Confusion over Structured Advances
10/16/2001  OTS 01-71, In Resumption of September 11 Senate Banking Hearing OTS Details Actions Responding to Attack and Superior Bank
10/10/2001  OTS 01-69, OTS Issued Three Enforcement Orders In August
10/03/2001  OTS 01-67, Seidman Bids Community Groups and Financial Institutions to Look Beyond CRA
09/28/2001  OTS 01-66, OTS Reminds Thrifts About Law Providing Financial Relief to U.S. Military Personnel
09/24/2001  OTS 01-64, Workshop planned to Discuss Strategies for Providing Effective Financial Privacy Notices, Public Workshop Co-sponsored by Eight Federal Agencies
09/20/2001  OTS 01-63, OTS Updates Locations for Filing CRA-Related Agreements
09/14/2001  OTS 01-62 Joint Interagency Statement
09/14/2001  OTS 01-61 OTS Reports That Thrift Industry Has Been Operating Normally in Wake of Crisis
09/12/2001  OTS 01-60, OTS Asks Thrifts to Assist Customers Affected by Terrorist Attacks
09/11/2001  OTS 01-59, OTS Outlines Reasons for Superior Bank Failure and Suggests Remedies
09/11/2001  OTS 01-58, OTS Issued Eight Enforcement Orders in July
09/06/2001  OTS 01-57, Q2 2001 - Thrift Industry Earnings Set Quarterly Record
08/27/2001  OTS 01-56, OTS Announces 46 CRA Exams Scheduled for 4th Quarter 2001
08/27/2001  OTS 01-54, As Growth in Trust Activities Increases, OTS Focuses on Risk-Based Exams
08/02/2001  OTS 01-53, OTS Issued Five Enforcement Orders In June
08/01/2001  OTS 01-52, OTS Approves AIG Acquisition of American General Bank
07/27/2001  OTS 01-51, OTS Closes Superior Bank FSB; Hinsdale, Ill. Thrift is Insolvent
07/26/2001  OTS 01-50, OTS Director Seidman Urges Support For Broad-Based Deposit Insurance Reform
07/20/2001  OTS 01-49, OTS Approves Full-Service Thrift Charter for Allstate Corp.
07/19/2001  OTS 01-48, Agencies Approve Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977
07/13/2001  OTS 01-47, OTS Issued Three Enforcement Orders in May
07/12/2001  OTS 01-46, OTS Posts Revised CRA Questions and Answers
07/03/2001  OTS 01-43, Ellen Seidman Announces Her Resignation As Director of the Office of Thrift Supervision
07/02/2001  OTS 01-42, Thrift Industry Interest Rate Risk Falls to Lowest Point in Two Years
06/20/2001  OTS 01-40, OTS Issued Two Enforcement Orders in April
06/20/2001  OTS 01-39, OTS and Thrifts Strong and Prepared, Director Seidman Tells Senate
06/12/2001  OTS 01-38, Statement by OTS Director Ellen Seidman On the Resignation of FDIC Chairman Donna Tanoue
06/06/2001  OTS 01-37, Q1 2001 - OTS Reports Highest Quarterly Earnings Since March 2000; 1-4 Family Mortgage Originations Near Record Level
06/05/2001  OTS 01-36, OTS Announces 48 CRA Exams Scheduled for 3rd Quarter 2001
06/01/2001  OTS 01-35, GE Bank Subsidiary Granted Federal Thrift Charter
05/11/2001  OTS 01-33, Agencies Remind Bankers of Risks Associated with Reliance on Brokered and Rate-Sensitive Deposits
05/04/2001  OTS 01-32, OTS Advises Thrifts on Measures to Reduce Incidents of Identity Theft and Pretext Calling
05/02/2001  OTS 01-31, OTS Issued One Enforcement Order In March
04/27/2001  OTS 01-30, OTS Reports Interest Rate Risk Reduction for Thrift Industry in 4th Quarter
04/27/2001  OTS 01-29, OTS Approves Charter Switch from Credit Union to Thrift
04/09/2001  OTS 01-27, Joint Release - Agencies Issue Risk Management Practices for Leveraged Financing
04/03/2001  OTS 01-26, OTS Director Seidman Proposes Enhancing Thrift Charter, Questions Fairness Of Bank Supervision Charges
03/30/2001  OTS 01-25, OTS Issued Six Enforcement Orders in February
03/27/2001  OTS 01-24, Agencies Clarify Guidance on the Accounting and Reporting for Loans Held for Sale
03/23/2001  OTS 01-23, OTS Announces Location for Filing CRA-Related Agreements
03/16/2001  OTS 01-22, OTS Issued Three Enforcement Orders In January
03/15/2001  OTS 01-21, Director Seidman Announces Staff Paper That Finds Real Estate Lending Less Risky Than Capital Rules Suggest
03/14/2001  OTS 01-20, OTS Would Simplify Certain Capital Requirements and Revise Liquidity Standards
03/14/2001  OTS 01-19, Federal Banking Agencies Will Allow Privacy Notices Under Existing Fair Credit Reporting Act
03/14/2001  OTS 01-18, Agencies Extend Effective Date on Bank Insurance Rules
03/12/2001  OTS 01-17, Interagency Task Force Publishes Spanish-Language Consumer Brochure about Shopping for and Negotiating the Best Mortgage - Contains version in Spanish
03/07/2001  OTS 01-16, Q4 2000 - OTS Reports Near Record Thrift Earnings in 2000; Industry Mortgage Originations Top $200 Billion
03/06/2001  OTS 01-15, OTS Supports Oxley Information Sharing Initiative Targeted at Financial Services Industry Wrongdoers
03/02/2001  OTS 01-13, OTS Makes Application Processing Easier
03/01/2001  OTS 01-12, OTS Announces 43 CRA Exams Scheduled for 2nd Quarter 2001
02/05/2001  OTS 01-10, OTS Grants Federal Thrift Charter to National Advisors Holdings, Inc
02/01/2001  OTS 01-09, OTS Approves MONY's Acquisition of The Advest Group, Inc., (AGI)
01/31/2001  OTS 01-08, Banking Agencies Issue Guidance on Supervision of Subprime Lending
01/30/2001  OTS 01-07, OTS Releases December Enforcement Statistics
01/30/2001  OTS 01-06, OTS Releases November Enforcement Statistics
01/30/2001  OTS 01-05, OTS Releases October Enforcement Statistics
01/17/2001  OTS 01-04, Agencies Adopt Guidelines for Customer Information Security
01/17/2001  OTS 01-03, OTS Director Seidman Offers a Flexible Approach to Holding Company Supervision
01/16/2001  OTS 01-02, Statement by OTS Director Ellen Seidman