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2002 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/20/2002  OTS 02-47,Agencies Release Guidance on Imminent Lapse in FEMA Flood Insurance Authority
12/20/2002  OTS 02-46,OTS Revises Regulations Governing Affiliate Transactions
12/19/2002  OTS 02-45,Agencies Propose Disciplinary Action Rules for Accountants and Accounting Firms Performing Certain Audit Services
12/06/2002  OTS 02-44,OTS Delays Effective Date For Parity Act Revisions
12/03/2002  OTS 02-43,OTS Announces 109 CRA Exams Scheduled for First Quarter 2003
11/22/2002  OTS 02-42,Thrift Industry On Pace For Record Year
10/29/2002  OTS 02-41,OTS Approves Citibank Acquisition Of California Federal Bank
10/28/2002  OTS 02-40,Thrift Interest Rate Risk Falls to Lowest Point Since 1998
10/18/2002  OTS 02-39,Former Thrift Holding Company Official Settles OTS Charges
10/02/2002  OTS 02-38,OTS Says California Law Doesn't Apply to Federal Thrifts
09/25/2002  OTS 02-37,OTS Says State Housing Creditors Using the Parity Act Must Follow State Prepayment and Late Fee Rules
09/03/2002  OTS 02-36,OTS Announces 117 CRA Exams Scheduled for 4th Quarter 2002
08/26/2002  OTS 02-35,Thrift Industry Turns in Another Strong Quarter
08/08/2002  OTS 02-34,Federal Financial Institution Regulators Extend Comment Period On Draft Credit Card Guidance
08/08/2002  OTS 02-33,OTS Changes Mutual-To-Stock Conversion Rules
07/22/2002  OTS 02-32,Federal Financial Institution Regulators Draft Guidance on Credit Card Lending
07/18/2002  OTS 02-31,Treasury and Federal Financial Regulators Issue Patriot Act Regulations on Customer Identification
06/20/2002  OTS 02-30,OTS Announces 81 CRA Exams Scheduled for 3rd Quarter 2002
06/10/2002  OTS 02-29,OTS Proposes Standards for Thrift Broker-Dealer Activities Without SEC Registration
05/29/2002  OTS 02-27,OTS Reports Record Quarterly Earnings, Profitability for Thrift Industry
05/09/2002  OTS 02-26,OTS Adjusts Capital Requirements For 1-4 Family Mortgages
04/30/2002  OTS 02-25,OTS Releases March Enforcement Statistics
04/30/2002  OTS 02-24,OTS Signs Information Sharing Pact With Oregon Insurance Regulator
04/25/2002  OTS 02-23,OTS Releases February Enforcement Statistics
04/23/2002  OTS 02-22,Agencies Outline Risks of Parallel-Owned Banking Organizations
04/22/2002  OTS 02-21,OTS Proposes Revisions to Parity Act Regulations
04/15/2002  OTS 02-20,OTS Updates Thrift Holding Companies Handbook
04/11/2002  OTS 02-19,Gilleran Announces OTS Restructuring Plans
04/09/2002  OTS 02-17,Agencies Issue Final Rule Lowering Risk Weighting for Claims on Securities Firms
04/08/2002  OTS 02-16,Gilleran Announces New Proposal for Enhancing the Mutual Thrift Charter
03/19/2002  OTS 02-14,Interagency Statement Regarding Arthur Andersen LLP
03/20/2002  OTS 02-13,OTS Will Examine For USA Patriot Act Compliance
03/13/2002  OTS 02-12,Director Gilleran Outlines Policy Prescriptions at ACB Conference
03/11/2002  OTS 02-11,Regulators Issue Common Form for Charter and Federal Deposit Insurance Applications
03/06/2002  OTS 02-10,Media Advisory - OTS's 4th Quarter Thrift Industry Data Report Posted Today
03/01/2002  OTS 02-08,OTS Announces 93 CRA Exams Scheduled for 2nd Quarter 2002
03/01/2002  OTS 02-09,OTS Releases January Enforcement Statistics
02/27/2002  OTS 02-07,OTS Director Gilleran Reports Thrifts Reach Record $10.2 Billion in Earnings in 2001
02/06/2002  OTS 02-05,Agencies Publish "Privacy Choices for Your Personal Financial Information"
01/30/2002  OTS 02-04,OTS Releases December Enforcement Statistics
01/09/2002  OTS 02-03,OTS Withdraws Proposed Holding Company Rule
01/04/2002  OTS 02-01,OTS Releases November Enforcement Statistics