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2003 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/23/2003  OTS 03-40,Joint Release: Federal Regulators Seek Public Comment on Ways to Improve Privacy Notices
12/03/2003  OTS 03-39,OTS Lists 81 CRA Exams Scheduled for First Quarter 2004
11/19/2003  OTS-03-38,Thrift Earnings and Profitability Remain Strong in Third Quarter
10/30/2003  OTS 03-36,Office Of Thrift Supervision Joins The FDIC’s Interagency Electronic Filing System For Beneficial Ownership Reports
10/30/2003  OTS 03-37,Proposed Treatment of Expected and Unexpected Losses Under the New Basel Capital Accord
10/07/2003  OTS 03-35,Federal Agencies Publish Consumer Brochure on Predatory Lending
10/07/2003  OTS 03-34,OTS Issues Final Regulations Governing Affiliate Transactions
10/01/2003  OTS 03-33,Electronic Banking, Audit and Fedline Guidance Released by Federal Financial Regulators
09/18/2003  OTS 03-32,Thrifts In States Affected By Hurricane Isabel Are Encouraged By OTS To Assist Customers In Need
09/12/2003  OTS 03-31,Agencies Issue Rulemaking to Amend Risk-Based Capital Treatment of Exposures to Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Programs and Securitizations with Early Amortization Provisions
09/10/2003  OTS 03-30,Bank Regulators' Data Show Stabilization in Credit Quality
09/02/2003  OTS 03-29,OTS Lists 116 CRA Exams Scheduled for Fourth Quarter 2003
08/29/2003  OTS 03-28,OTS Leaves TFR Filing Due Date Unchanged
08/20/2003  OTS 03-27,Thrifts Enjoy Another Record Quarter; Earnings Top $3.5 Billion
08/12/2003  OTS 03-26,Agency Jointly Issue Request for Comment on Interagency Guidance on Response Programs to Protect Against Identity Theft
08/08/2003  OTS 03-25,Agencies Issue Final Rules on Disciplinary Actions Against Accountants and Accounting Firms Performing Certain Audit Services
08/04/2003  OTS 03-24,Agencies Announce Publication of Documents Related to Basel Accord Implementation
07/23/2003  OTS 03-22,OTS Says New Jersey Law Does Not Apply To Federal Thrifts
07/23/2003  OTS 03-23,Agencies Issue Guidance on Appropriate use of Discount Window
07/11/2003  OTS 03-21,OTS Asks Thrifts to Comment On Proposals for U.S. to Implement Basel II
06/03/2003  OTS 03-20,OTS Issues Third Quarter 2003 CRA Examination Schedule
06/03/2003  OTS 03-19,Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Seek Comment On Interagency Effort To Reduce Regulatory Burden
05/21/2003  OTS 03-18,Business Continuity Planning, Supervision of Technology Service Provider Guidance Released by Federal Financial Regulators
05/20/2003  OTS 03-17,Thrifts Enjoy Another Record Quarter, Earnings $3.3 Billion
05/09/2003  OTS 03-16,OTS Helps Prepare Thrifts to Comply with Patriot Act Rules
04/23/2003  OTS 03-15,Regulators Issue Guidance on the Risks of Weblinking
04/01/2003  OTS 03-14,OTS Director James E. Gilleran Named Chairman of Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
03/31/2003  OTS 03-13,Thrifts Interest Rate Risk Exposure Remains Low
03/27/2003  OTS 03-12,OTS Urges Congress to Give Thrifts Equal Treatment Under Federal Securities Law
03/19/2003  OTS 03-11,OTS Proposes New Form for Collecting Risk Exposure Data
03/19/2003  OTS 03-10,OTS Releases Guidance on Third Party Arrangements
03/17/2003  OTS 03-09,Agencies Issue Updated Policy Statement on Internal Auditing
03/02/2003  OTS 03-08,OTS Announces 114 CRA Exams Scheduled for Second Quarter 2003
02/26/2003  OTS 03-07,Gilleran Urges Senate Action on Core Deposit Insurance Reform
02/25/2003  OTS 03-06,Agencies Issue Advisory on Mortgage Banking Activities
02/19/2003  OTS 03-05,Thrifts Earn Record $11.8 Billion In 2002; Thrift Assets Grow To $1 Trillion
01/30/2003  OTS 03-04,OTS Says New York Law Doesn't Apply To Federal Thrifts
01/29/2003  OTS 03-03,Federal Financial Regulators Release Information Security Booklet, First In A Series
01/22/2003  OTS 03-02,OTS Says Georgia Law Doesn't Apply to Federal Thrifts
01/08/2003  OTS 03-01,FFIEC Agencies Issue Guidance on Credit Card Account Management and Loss Allowance Practices