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2007 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/20/2007  OTS 07-091, OTS Releases Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2007
12/19/2007  OTS 07-090, Agencies Release Annual CRA Asset-Size Threshold Adjustments for Small and Intermediate Small Institutions
12/12/2007  OTS 07-089, FFIEC Releases Guidance on Pandemic Planning
12/10/2007  OTS 07-088, OTS Announces CRA Exam Schedule for First Quarter 2008
12/06/2007  OTS 07-087, OTS Director Reich Endorses Foreclosure Prevention Initiative
11/29/2007  OTS 07-086, Agencies Issue Proposed Rules and Guidelines that Address Accuracy and Integrity of Consumer Report Information and Rules to Allow Direct Disputes
11/26/2007  OTS 07-085, Media Advisory: Nation's Foremost Experts Headline National Housing Forum Next Week
11/20/2007  OTS 07-084, Weakness in Housing and Credit Markets Reduces Thrift Earnings Capital and Reserves Remain Strong
11/15/2007  OTS 07-083, OTS Director Reich to Discuss Thrift Industry Third Quarter
11/13/2007  OTS 07-082, OTS Seeks Comment on Converting to Call Report
11/02/2007  OTS 07-081, Interagency Report on Reducing Regulatory Burden Released
11/01/2007  OTS 07-080, OTS Announces Approval of Final Rule on Basel II
10/31/2007  OTS 07-079, Agencies Issue Final Rules on Identity Theft Red Flags and Notices of Address Discrepancy
10/30/2007  OTS 07-078, OTS Encourages Thrifts to Assist Customers Affected by Wildfires
10/30/2007  OTS 07-077, OTS Appoints Barbara Shycoff Managing Director of External Affairs
10/26/2007  OTS 07-076, OTS Director Reich Addresses New York Bankers
10/26/2007  OTS 07-075, OTS Issues Monthly Market Monitor
10/25/2007  OTS 07-074, Agencies Issue Final Rules on Affiliate Marketing
10/12/2007  OTS 07-073, OTS Director Reich Addresses National Bankers Association
10/03/2007  OTS 07-072, OTS Director Reich Addresses British Bankers
09/28/2007  OTS 07-071, OTS Appoints FDIC Receiver of NetBank
09/25/2007  OTS 07-070, Shared National Credit Results Reflect Large Increase In Credit Commitment Volume and Satisfactory Credit Quality
09/21/2007  OTS 07-069, Agencies Issue Final Rules on Expanded Examination Cycle for Certain Institutions
09/19/2007  OTS 07-068, Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Request Comment On Proposed Statement of Best Practices On Garnishment Orders of Exempt Federal Benefit Funds
09/19/2007  OTS 07-067, OTS Director Reich Addresses Exchequer Club
09/12/2007  OTS 07-066, OTS Announces Issuance of Prohibition and Civil Money Penalty Against Former President of Fox Chase Bank
09/12/2007  OTS 07-065, OTS Announces Training Seminars for Thrift Directors
09/12/2007  OTS 07-064, Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Announce Availability of 2006 HMDA Data
09/07/2007  OTS 07-063, OTS Announces CRA Exam Schedule for Fourth Quarter 2007
09/04/2007  OTS 07-062, Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies and CSBS Issue Statement on Loss Mitigation Strategies for Services of Residential Mortgages
08/28/2007  OTS 07-061, OTS Director Reich Cites Interagency Successes Against Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering
08/24/2007  OTS 07-060, Agencies Release Revised Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual
08/21/2007  OTS 07-059, OTS Appoints Darrel W. Dochow West Regional Director
08/21/2007  OTS 07-058, Thrift Industry Performance Remains Solid in Second Quarter
08/16/2007  OTS 07-057, OTS Senior Deputy Director Polakoff to Discuss Thrift Industry Second Quarter
08/14/2007  OTS 07-056, Federal Financial Regulators Propose Illustrations of Consumer Information to Support Their Statement on Subprime Mortgage Lending
08/07/2007  OTS 07-055, OTS to Host Second Annual National House Forum
08/03/2007  OTS 07-054, OTS Issues Notice on Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices
08/01/2007  OTS 07-053, OTS Director Reich Announces Expanded Support for Minority Depository Institutions
08/01/2007  OTS 07-052, OTS Unveils Updated Community Liaison Newsletter - Foreclosure Prevention Scams, First-time Home Buyer Programs Highlighted
07/26/2007  OTS 07-051, Federal Financial Institution Regulators Announce Availability of 2006 Small Business, Small Farm, and Community Development Lending Data
07/20/2007  OTS 07-050, Banking Agencies Reach Agreement on Basel II Implementation
07/19/2007  OTS 07-049, Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Issue Statement on Enforcement of Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Requirements
07/17/2007  OTS 07-048, Federal and State Agencies Announce Pilot Project to Improve Supervision of Subprime Mortgage Lenders
07/11/2007  OTS 07-047, Agencies Release Proposed Revisions to Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment
06/29/2007  OTS 07-046, Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies Issue Final Statement on Subprime Mortgage Lending
06/27/2007  OTS 07-045, OTS Appoints Michael E. Finn Northeast Regional Director
06/22/2007  OTS 07-044, OTS Director Reich Applauds FinCEN Initiative
06/14/2007  OTS 07-043, OTS Enters Into Consumer Complaint Sharing Agreement with CSBS
06/11/2007  OTS 07-042, OTS Announces CRA Exam Schedule for Third Quarter 2007
06/08/2007  OTS 07-041, OTS Executes Supervisory Agreement with AIG FSB
06/05/2007  OTS 07-040, Experts Address Affordable Housing Shortages in High-Cost Urban Areas
06/01/2007  OTS 07-039, Agencies Release List of Distressed or Underserved Nonmetropolitan Middle-Income Geographies
05/31/2007  OTS 07-038, Agencies Issue Final Illustrations of Consumer Information for Nontraditional Mortgage Products
05/23/2007  OTS 07-037, Thrift Industry Performance Solid in First Quarter
05/21/2007  OTS 07-036, OTS Director Reich to Discuss Thrift Industry First Quarter
05/15/2007  OTS 07-035, OTS and Citi to Hold Affordable Housing Conference
05/14/2007  OTS 07-034, OTS Appoints Sharon L. Stark Senior Economic and Policy Advisory
05/11/2007  OTS 07-033, OTS Director Reich Addresses Louisiana Bankers
05/10/2007  OTS 07-032, OTS Director Reich Addresses Florida Bankers
05/03/2007  OTS 07-031, OTS Director Reich Addresses New Jersey Community Bankers
04/20/2007  OTS 07-030, OTS Announces Regional Restructuring Including Establishment of a New Central Region Headed by Thomas Barnes
04/19/2007  OTS 07-029, OTS Appoints Mary M. Santiago Human Capital Officer
04/18/2007  OTS 07-028, OTS Director Reich Addresses Pittsburgh Community Development Group
04/18/2007  OTS 07-027, OTS Appoints Timothy T. Ward Managing Director of Examinations, Supervision and Consumer Protection
04/17/2007  OTS 07-026, OTS Applauds High Court Decision Upholding Nationwide Lending Standards
04/17/2007  OTS 07-025, Federal Regulators Encourage Institutions to Work with Mortgage Borrowers Who Are Unable to Make Their Payments
04/12/2007  OTS 07-024, Agencies Announce Availability of 2006 HMDA Data
04/11/2007  OTS 07-023, OTS Director Reich Addresses California Bankers Association
04/04/2007  OTS 07-022, Consumer Alert On "CRA Program" Solicitations
04/03/2007  OTS 07-021, Agencies Seek Comment on Expanded Examination Cycle for Certain Institutions
03/27/2007  OTS 07-020, OTS Director Reich Testifies on Subprime and Predatory Lending
03/27/2007  OTS 07-019, OTS Lists 70 CRA Exams Scheduled for Second Quarter 2007
03/22/2007  OTS 07-018, OTS Deputy Director Scott Polakoff Testifies on Limited Thrift Industry Exposure to Subprime Mortgage Market
03/20/2007  OTS 07-017, Federal Regulators Seek Public Comment on Model Privacy Notice
03/19/2007  OTS 07-016, OTS Publishes Final CRA Rule
03/06/2007  OTS 07-015, OTS Director Reich Addresses ICBA on Community Banking
03/05/2007  OTS 07-014, OTS Approves Countrywide Application
03/02/2007  OTS 07-013, Agencies Seek Comment on Subprime Mortgage Lending Statement
02/28/2007  OTS 07-012, OTS Issues Gift Card Guidance
02/22/2007  OTS 07-011, OTS Receives EU Equivalency Designation for Supervision of AIG
02/21/2007  OTS 07-010, Thrift Industry Well Positioned Despite Fourth Quarter Decline
02/15/2007  OTS 07-009, Agencies Seek Public Comment on Proposed Supervisory Guidance for Basel II
02/09/2007  OTS 07-008, OTS Highlights Importance of Credit Report Monitoring
02/08/2007  OTS 07-007, OTS Issues Consumer Complaint Brochure
02/07/2007  OTS 07-006, OTS Highlights Consumer Guidance on Understanding ARMs
02/06/2007  OTS 07-005, OTS Issues Consumer Information Brochure on Gift Cards
02/05/2007  OTS 07-004, OTS Kicks Off Consumer Protection Week
01/30/2007  OTS 07-003, OTS Director Reich Applauds Efforts of The Financial Literacy and Education Commission
01/22/2007  OTS 07-002, OTS Appoints Susan L. Chomicz, Deputy Chief Counsel for Enforcement
01/05/2007  OTS 07-001, Agencies Issue Final Statement Concerning Elevated Risk Complex Structured Finance Activities