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2008 Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Press Release Archive

12/22/2008  OTS 08-065, Federal Financial Regulators Issue Revised Identity Theft Brochure
12/22/2008  OTS 08-064, Agencies Release Joint Mortgage Metrics Report For the Third Quarter of 2008
12/19/2008  OTS 08-063, OTS Releases Annual Report for FY 2008
12/18/2008  OTS 08-062, OTS Approves Final Rule Barring Unfair Credit Card Practices
12/17/2008  OTS 08-061, Agencies Release Annual CRA Asset-Size Threshold Adjustments
12/16/2008  OTS 08-060, Agencies Approve Final Rule on Deduction of Goodwill from Tier 1 Capital
12/10/2008  OTS 08-059, OTS Accepting Nominations for Mutual Savings Association Advisory Committee
12/01/2008  OTS 08-058, MEDIA ADVISORY: Media Registration Deadline Approaches for National Housing Forum
11/21/2008  OTS 08-057, OTS Closes Two California Thrifts and Appoints FDIC Receiver
11/20/2008  OTS 08-056, Persistent Housing Market Weakness Causes Thrift Industry Loss in Third Quarter of 2008
11/13/2008  OTS 08-055, OTS Director Reich to Discuss Thrift Industry Third Quarter Performance
11/13/2008  OTS 08-054, Agencies Seek Comment on Proposed Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines
11/12/2008  OTS 08-053, Interagency Statement on Meeting the Needs of Creditworthy Borrowers
10/31/2008  OTS 08-052, Agencies Announce Decision on Impact of Tax Change on Indirect Investments in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Preferred Stock
10/24/2008  OTS 08-051, OTS Issues New Examination Procedures on Identity Theft Red Flags and Address Discrepancies
10/20/2008  OTS 08-050 Treasury, Regulators Issue Additional Guidance on Capital Purchase Program
10/17/2008  OTS 08-049 Agencies Announce Decision on Regulatory Capital Impact of Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Preferred Stock
10/08/2008  OTS 08-048, Shared National Credits Program Reports Large Increase in Credit Volume and Significant Deterioration in Credit Quality
10/07/2008  OTS 08-047, Agencies Seek Public Comment On Proposed Rulemaking To Lower Risk Weights for Claims on, or Guaranteed by, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
09/25/2008  OTS 08-046, Washington Mutual Acquired by JPMorgan Chase
09/19/2008  OTS 08-045, OTS Closes Ameribank and Appoints FDIC Receiver
09/16/2008  OTS 08-044, Brochure Cites Benefits of Regional Coalitions for Disaster Recovery
09/15/2008  OTS 08-043, Federal Banking Agencies Evaluating FASB's Accounting Proposals
09/12/2008  OTS 08-042, Agencies Release Joint Mortgage Metrics Report For the Second Quarter of 2008
09/11/2008  OTS 08-041, Federal Financial Institution Regulators Announce Availability of 2007 Data on Mortgage Lending
09/07/2008  OTS 08-040, Federal Banking Agency Statement on GSE Exposure
08/27/2008  OTS 08 039, Record Reserves for Weathering Housing Market Distress Drive Thrift Industry Loss in Second Quarter of 2008
08/26/2008  OTS 08 038, OTS Issues Guidance on Home Equity Lines of Credit
08/19/2008  OTS 08 037, OTS Director Reich to Discuss Thrift Industry Second Quarter
08/15/2008  OTS 08 036, OTS’s Third Annual National Housing Forum Set for December 2008
08/07/2008  OTS 08 035, Nominations Being Accepted for OTS Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee
08/03/2008  OTS 08-034, OTS Launches Redesigned Web site
07/31/2008  OTS 08-033, Federal Financial Institution Regulators Announce Availability of 2007 Small Business, Small Farm, and Community Development Lending Data
07/21/2008  OTS 08-032, Reich Cites Keys to Restoring Consumer Confidence
07/17/2008  OTS 08-031, OTS to Establish Minority Depository Advisory Committee
07/15/2008  OTS 08-030, Agencies Issue Final Guidance on Supervisory Review Process (Pillar 2) Related to Implementation of Basel II Advanced Approaches Rule
07/11/2008  OTS 08-029, OTS Closes IndyMac Bank and Transfers Operations to FDIC
07/08/2008  OTS 08-028, Agencies Issue Statement on Basel II Advanced Approaches Qualification Process
07/03/2008  OTS 08-027, OTS Releases Initial Mortgage Metrics Report
07/02/2008  OTS 08-026, OTS Director Approves Basel Proposed Alternative Approach
06/09/2008  OTS 08-025, Minority Depository Institutions Conference
05/30/2008  OTS 08-024, Agencies List Areas for Community Reinvestment Act Consideration
05/29/2008  OTS 08-023, OTS Director Reich Calls for Consistent Regulation of Mortgage Industry
05/28/2008  OTS 08-022, Reich Supports President's Council on Responsible Subprime Lending
05/28/2008  OTS 08-021, OTS Announces CRA Exam Schedule for Third Quarter 2008
05/27/2008  OTS 08-020, Continued Housing Downturn Drives First Quarter Thrift Industry Loss
05/22/2008  OTS 08-019, Federal Financial Regulators Issue Final Illustrations of Consumer Information for Hybrid Adjustable Rate Mortgage Products
05/20/2008  OTS 08-018, Media Advisory: OTS Director Reich to Discuss Thrift Industry First Quarter
05/15/2008  OTS 08-017, OTS Appoints Charlotte Bahin Senior Counsel for Special Projects
05/13/2008  OTS 08-016, OTS Enhances Consumer Service
05/01/2008  OTS 08-015, OTS Submits Comment Letter on Home Valuation Code and Agreements
05/01/2008  OTS 08-014, OTS Advances Proposal on Unfair and Deceptive Practices
04/28/2008  OTS 08-013, Miserendino Named Administrative Judge for Federal Banking Agencies
03/21/2008  OTS 08-012, Agencies Release Proposed Revisions to Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Flood Insurance
03/19/2008  OTS 08-011, Financial Regulators Release Updated Business Continuity Planning Booklet
03/13/2008  OTS 08-010, OTS Announces CRA Exam Schedule for Second Quarter 2008
03/11/2008  OTS 08-009, OTS Appoints Clarence K. Lee Midwest Regional Director
03/05/2008  OTS 08-008, OTS Director Reich Addresses Community Bankers
03/04/2008  OTS 08-007, OTS Director Reich Testifies on Condition of the Thrift Industry
03/03/2008  OTS 08-006, OTS Encourages Thrifts to Standardize Loan Modification Reporting
02/20/2008  OTS 08-005, Continued Housing Market Distress Causes Fourth Quarter Loss for Thrift Industry
02/14/2008  OTS 08-004, Media Advisory: OTS Director Reich to Discuss Thrift Industry Fourth Quarter
02/06/2008  OTS 08-003, OTS Director Reich Addresses National Association of Mortgage Brokers
02/05/2008  OTS 08-002, NOTE NEW DATE: OTS to Donate Laptop Computers for City's Youth
01/24/2008  OTS 08-001, OTS Appoints Frederick R. Casteel Ombudsman